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The Problem

The problem in nursing homes and patient's oral care does not come down to the lack of care from the staff. It's the lack of dental care your loved has access to. The staff may even feel hopeless when dealing with your loved one.

The lack of oral care affects the your loved one's health, well-being and quality of life. Tooth decay and gum disease are known to cause aspiration pneumonia.
We are here to help your loved one receive the oral care they need.

Who We Are

We specialize in providing excellent care in gerodontics or more commonly known as geriatric dentistry.

Providing and receiving dental care doesn’t have to be difficult. Our providers are experienced and trained to deal with complex conditions and medical diagnosis. OraQuest is designed for those patients whom are unable to be transported or residents whom may hesitant to leaving the nursing facility.

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities


  • Long Term Care Medicaid* Patients
  • Discounted prices for Full vendor Patients
  • 1263B Medicaid Patients, where applicable
  • Private Pay Patients
  • Hospice Patients
  • Assisted Living Communities and Memory Care Communities

Flexible scheduling, flexible treatment and the convenience of care to your resident’s bedside, wheelchair or designated room within your facility! We understand the constraints your communities experience when needing an appointment. Our dental teams are aware that Safety and risk are some of the biggest concerns for patients and staff. That is why our dental teams come prepared with instruments and portable dental equipment needed during treatment. You can have peace of mind knowing that our clients safety, comfort and ease are our top priority!

Poor dental health, unattended dental needs and lack of transportation to an outside dentist should be a thing of the past when partnering with OraQuest Dental!

Your loved one may qualify for NO out-of-pocket cost.
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Why Patients & Facilities Choose OraQuest?

Our dental clinicians travel to your facility to provide superior dental care service. Our programs are highly customized and designed to offer you maximum benefits.

Dental Exams

Monthly Cleanings




Hygiene Therapy


Other Dental Procedures as Clinically Necessary

How It Works


Schedule Initial Meeting

Schedule initial meeting with the Nursing Home and staff to determine if OraQuest is the best suited dental partner. Complete agreement with OraQuest Dental and Nursing Home.

Introduce OraQuest

Introduce the OraQuest program to staff, patients and resident families.
To make the transition from one dental provider to another, OraQuest will send out notification about the new partnership on behalf of the nursing home. OraQuest provides a free and annual dental screening to new and actively contracted homes. OraQuest will also provide the date and purpose of the free dental screening to the responsible parties. This will give the responsible parties the opportunity to decline at least two weeks in advance.

Schedule and Complete FREE Dental Screening

OraQuest will work with the Administrator and Social Worker for input on best days to provide the free service. Scheduling will determine whether the OraQuest staff will be provided a room with water and electricity or if assessments will be accommodated elsewhere. If requested, OraQuest can provide assessments privately from one room to another. Results from the assessment will be provided to the facility for each patient record.


Enrollment of new patients and scheduling of routine visits.
Once initial assessments have been completed, OraQuest will contact the responsible parties and provide the observed dental needs. OraQuest will give the families and guardians the opportunity to learn more about our comprehensive coverage and enroll their resident into our dental program. Post assessment, OraQuest will begin the scheduling of new and routine visits with the nursing facility.

Need more information?

We understand that this is a lot to take on. We're here to help and answer any questions.
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And we'll see if your loved one qualifies for NO out-of-pocket cost.

    Meet Our Dentists

    Houston Area and Surrounding

    Dr. Lori Lumpkin-Jones, DDS
    Dental Asst: Miriam Sanchez, RDA
    Hygienist: Michelle Wyant, RDH
    Hygienist: Idania Molina-Alfonso, RDH
    Hygienist: Shirley Nobles, RDH

    San Antonio, Austin and Surrounding

    Dr. Lefter Baklas, DDS
    Dental Asst: Kiki Johnson, RDA
    Hygienist: Chris Peach, RDH

    Dallas, East Texas, Waco and Surrounding

    Dr. Hubert Freeman, DDS
    Dental Asst: Wanda Peña, RDA
    Hygienist: Deanna Moore, RDH


    We are ecstatic about your interest and would love to discuss oral heath solutions for your facility! Please reach out to one of our dedicated staff members by phone or email.

    What should a new facility expect once contracted?

    We offer new facilities a free screening to all of their residents so that we can assess their dental needs. Once completed, OraQuest can compose a plan as to how we can meet those needs. The visual screening is free of charge to the facility and patient. We believe this is the best approach to show and explain what we have to offer and for us to understand the concerns and needs. OraQuest will provide a copy of the screening results to the social worker for each patients records. OraQuest will contact the families with the screening recommendations and give them the opportunity to learn more about our program or to pursue enrollment for their resident.

    *The oral screening should satisfy any annual assessment obligations mandated per the state. We offer free annual screenings to all residents each year or for individual residents as needed.*

    What does a patient dental screening involve?

    During the screening our dental team will visually evaluate each patient for their overall dental health and hygiene. We make note of any concerns as requested by the patient/ responsible party or as seen by the Dentist. This will include notations of any present or preexisting teeth conditions or potential risks to the future oral health such as decay, gum disease, etc. The screening is only visual and is in no way a diagnosis. A comprehensive evaluation and x-rays are provided once a resident is enrolled and considered a patient of record, only then can any treatment plan be created or diagnosis obtained.

    What type of communities do you serve?

    OraQuest Dental provides on-site dental services to residents in nursing homes, assisted living and memory care facilities throughout the state of Texas.

    How often do you visit a facility?

    We go to most of Our facilities 1-2 times a month. Once a month with the Hygienist (ongoing) and for facilities with active treatment, the Dentist will visit until treatment is completed. Once completed frequency of Dentist appointments will vary. If you or your loved one need to be seen between our regularly scheduled visits, please call to let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements. We schedule visits and notify the home at least one week in advance.

    If I just want a cleaning; do I need an exam?

    For a patient to receive a cleaning, he or she must have had a complete exam with our dentist within the last six months. If you are not an established patient or have never seen one of our dentists, then an exam is required prior to a cleaning. X-rays can be declined however we will require a signed refusal waiver provided by OraQuest.

    How do you provide services; do you have a portable office or do you set up inside?

    We use portable dental equipment (x-ray system, compressor, hand pieces, cavitron, delivery unit etc.) Most patients receive treatment in a designated and sanitary space. However, we are specialized and trained to provide care to patients who are unable to be transferred from their bed or wheelchair.

    Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare?

    Qualifying Medicaid recipients can enroll into our program at no additional cost. As a standalone coverage, Medicare does not cover dental care expenses. We offer alternative financial options for those residents who do not have traditional LTC Medicaid.

    Does Medicaid cover dental services?

    Medicaid recipients could potentially have benefits to cover dental services. If your patient lives in a nursing home we encourage you to contact OraQuest Dental directly and speak with our dedicated staff who can better explain the process and financial responsibility.

    What if a resident has dental insurance?

    OraQuest dental is considered an out-of-network provider and we do not submit claims on your behalf. Services provided under this scenario are considered “fee for service” and payment in full will be required once treatment is completed. Should their insurance carrier provide coverage to out-of-network providers, they may submit an ADA dental insurance form requesting reimbursement. We can assist you with the procedures, codes and prices for your convenience.

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