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Who is OraQuest?

As a trusted delegated dental partner, OraQuest is a comprehensive dental solution for long-term care nursing facilities and their residents. The OraQuest dental team model provides patient-centric, proactive senior dental care within long-term care facilities. Our proactive approach will enhance the facility’s offering for resident retention and promotion for future residents.

Why OraQuest? 

OraQuest specializes in the administration of dental benefits for Medicare Advantage members since 2006. We have a robust network of dental providers, we will increase member satisfaction, and we will provide superior service to both the plan and your senior membership. Allow us the opportunity to provide a proposal that will enhance your dental benefits offering for the 2023 plan year!

What To Expect 

Providing and receiving dental care doesn’t have to be difficult. Our providers are experienced and trained to deal with complex conditions and medical diagnosis. OraQuest is designed for those patients who are unable to be transported or residents who may hesitate to leave the nursing facility. With OraQuest on your team, you can expect the following and more!


We ease the administrative burden; we take care of everything! 


We offer a full-facility oral assessment and cleaning for every resident. 


Our clinicians will collaborate with the nursing facility staff on treatment plans

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