• Ask the patient why they are refusing and adapt your approach. o Examples- sleeping, bad time, irritation, fear, etc.
  • Sleeping/ Bad time- Ask permission to come back before leaving. o Do not force the issue and remind them you will be back.
  • Fear/ Irritation- Speak with the resident before beginning oral care. o Ask what their apprehension is and how you can help.
    Provide a reason or solution-EXAMPLE: I understand you are worried about us extracting a tooth. By allowing me to remove the tooth it will be so much more comfortable to you and a lot less pain.

    EXAMPLE: This going to make your smile so shiny!
    EXAMPLE: You are going to feel so much better and be able to eat!

  • Gentle touch during interaction and communication encourages soothing behavior. For this population a light touch of their hand is shown to have the best response.